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DB series

180kW Smart Energy Charging system



Charging towards a greener future

Imagine how practical would it be to store up unused power until we really need it, or from solar panels when the sun is not shining. And imagine charging your electric car at the times when electricity’s cheapest, from your own supply to bypass power peaks. These are not the dreams of a distant future, but can now become a reality.

Use ESS in a self-consumption system; a backup system with solar, or a mixture of both: For example, you can use 30% of the battery capacity for self-consumption, and keep the other 70% available as a backup in the event of utility grid failure.
(Pair with DD Series)


  • DB 180 Serie|CNS CE, UL will ready in Q2, 2023
    DB 180 Serie|CNS CE, UL will ready in Q2, 2023
    • Mechanical
      Dimension (W×D×H)

      800 x 650 x 1900mm ±1%


      ≤500 kg±1%

    • DC Input
      Voltage Rating

      300~825Vdc ,
      when input voltage down to 400Vdc the output power is 14kW(per module)

    • DC Output

      2 outputs

      Maximum Output Voltage and Current

      Single output model Output1 or 2@500A@150-360Vdc when output voltage up to 950Vdc the output current is 190A

      Simultaneously Output Mode

      0% , 50% , 100%
      Each connector will get 50% output power when plug in simultaneously;
      And one connector will get 100% when another connector finish the charging session or only this connector is plugged in.

      Maximum Output Power

      180 kW

      Voltage Accuracy


      Current Accuracy



      > 94%, (at full load)

    • AC input for AUX Power
      Voltage Rating

      1Φ, 220 ~ 240Vac (±15%)

      Max. Input Current

      13.4 Vac

      Input Connection

      1P+N+PE (Wye configuration), TN/TT



      Max Input Power

      2.5 KVA

      Power Factor



      >94%, at Optimize V/I Point

    • Regulation

      IEC 61851-1
      IEC 61851-23
      IEC 61851-21-2

Management Solutions

Users can search for charger locations, make charging reservations, and monitor charging status through the mobile app. It also allows EV charger updates remotely which facilitates the long-term maintenance and management of the charger.

※ The Management solution is a complementary service for charging stations and is not sold separately.

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