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DC Cable Management



  • 5M Cable length
    5M Cable length
    • Dimension (W×D×H)

      1282 x 232 x 195mm


      DS180 Series / DS150 Series / DS120 Series / DS90 Series / DS60

  • 7M Cable length
    7M Cable length
    • Dimension (W×D×H)

      a. 948 x 953 x 664mm
      b. 1020 x 1150 x 683mm


      a. DS60 Series
      b. DO360 Series / DS180 Series
      DS150 Series/ DS120 Series /
      DS90 Series

Management Solutions

Users can search for charger locations, make charging reservations, and monitor charging status through the mobile app. It also allows EV charger updates remotely which facilitates the long-term maintenance and management of the charger.

※ The Management solution is a complementary service for charging stations and is not sold separately.

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