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ZEROVA has been working hard in the field of electric vehicles. Our automotive power supplies and related in-vehicle products have been certified by IATF 16949, the highest quality management system standard in the automotive industry and have formally entered the supply chain of international car manufacturers, providing customers with excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service. In recent years, we have gradually integrated and updated our information platform, collected internal data and market intelligence, analyzed potential problems for improvement, and tracked the market trend to plan green and sustainable business opportunities. Also, we have integrated the issue of sustainable development into our business strategy to improve our competitiveness and overall gross profit margin, and to maintain a stable financial structure and operational quality in order to achieve our vision of “energy saving, environmental protection, innovation, and service as our core values, and to become the world’s best power supply provider”.


Provider of EV charging solutions to enable companies to be better and faster


To harness the power of electricity to charge the world


Customer Obsessed

Start with the customer and work backwards. Work vigorously to earn


Adapt to change and innovate for growth. Be flexible and collaborative


Listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others respectfully.


Start with the customer and work backwards. Work vigorously to earn



ZEROVA specializes in the development and manufacture of electric vehicle charging station equipment. We strengthens its core strengths through the integration of global resources and expands the marketing of its products in major markets around the world.

Sustainable Results and Performance

Operating Economic Performance

●  Net operating income was NT$12,284 million, an increase of 33% over the previous year.

Sustainable Goals
●  To establish a complete corporate strategy, manage the business to improve operational performance and achieve sustainable growth.

Market Position

●  Received the Silver Award of Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award and the Silver Award of EcoVadis Corporate Social Responsibility Achievement Recognition.
●  Invested and planned Tainan Plant 2 and Plant 3 as EV product production bases in Taiwan.
●  Obtained EV Ready certification. Providing the highest quality EV charging points products. Only by obtaining EV Ready can we enter the French market.

Sustainable Goals
●  The construction of the second plant in Tainan is expected to be completed by the end of 2022 and the third plant in 2023.
●  By running for various awards, we can refine our corporate connotation and enhance our corporate image.

Corporate Governance

●  The Office of Sustainable Development was established as the core unit of PHIHONG to promote ESG corporate sustainability.
●  Won the ranking of “6% to 20%” in the 8th Corporate Governance Rating.

Sustainable Goals
●  Implement a policy to promote sustainable development and integrate ESG with the company’s core growth strategy.
●  Continuing to refine towards the “Top 5%” of the Corporate Governance Rating.

Integrity and Anti-Corruption

●  No ethical incidents involving integrity and corruption in 2021.

Sustainable Goals
●  To ensure that the behavior of our employees is consistent with the company’s values and the spirit of integrity and honesty, and to implement them thoroughly.

Product Quality

●  Customer satisfaction (overall) was 84.9%. The Group’s customer satisfaction rate was 81.8%. This is better than the industry average of 10.1%.
●  Received quality and delivery awards from leading customers in China.

Sustainable Goals
●  We will continue to improve our quality and build a close partnership with our customers to achieve a win-win situation and mutual prosperity.

Climate Change Risks and Opportunities

●  Referring to TCFD’s recommendation report, the risks and opportunities arising from climate change are disclosed.

Sustainable Goals
●  By disclosing the risks and opportunities brought by TCFD, it demonstrates PHIPHONG’s due responsibilities and strategies, and allocate capital more reasonably and effectively, to achieve the vision of low-carbon economic transformation.

We take environmental protection and loving the earth as our responsibility.

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