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ZEROVA TECHNOLOGIES spins out from Phihong Technology to focus on the global electric vehicle market

Phihong Technology has officially spun out its electric vehicle (EV) subsidiary, ZEROVA TECHNOLOGIES, as a standalone company. ZEROVA will provide integrated electric vehicle charging solutions for the world’s EV market. The Taiwanese company will develop a full range of charging solutions to fit the industry’s needs.

Phihong first entered the electric vehicle market in 2010, with the creation of its electric vehicle task force. After 12 years, the company has invested significant time and money into research and development for charging solutions and has established an R&D centre in Tainan, Taiwan.

Its electric vehicle subsidiary, ZEROVA TECHNOLOGIES, has grown to a team of more than 600 people. Spinning out ZEROVA not only injects new innovation momentum into the parent company, Phihong Group, but also creates a new business roadmap for the electric vehicle charging industry for the Group.

ZEROVA TECHNOLOGIES will continue to focus on green energy transformation and the development of global EV charging solutions, while parent company Phihong Technology will focus on smart life, medical electronics and e-sports, while expanding into the 5G sector.


ZEROVA will use high-level R&D capabilities to meet demand

ZEROVA TECHNOLOGIES will serve the growing international demand for integrated EV charging solutions. The European Union, for example, has set a target of three million public charging stations by 2030 while governments have also set ambitious targets in the United States and across Asia – in Taiwan, Japan and in Shanghai, China.

With the accelerated development of the EV market, ZEROVA will look to build on its years of industry experience and continue to build connections with international car manufacturers. For example, its self-developed and produced DO360 charging solution not only provides 360kW DC high-power output but can also connect with European and American car manufacturers via its cloud technology.

ZEROVA has already worked with Audi to build the car manufacturer’s overall charging network across Taiwan. It also officially became one of Shell’s global charging equipment suppliers at the end of 2022. At present, products from ZEROVA TECHNOLOGIES can be seen in the Americas, Europe and Southeast Asia, with more than 30,000 charging devices have been shipped worldwide.

Last year, the company announced it was launching the world’s fastest electric vehicle charger with an output of up to 480kW. This charger will be able to charge four cars at the same time and will be able to fully charge a vehicle in 10 minutes, with 93 miles (150km) of range being achieved in less than five minutes.


Diversified product line for all EV charging scenarios
ZEROVA does not believe in a one-solution fits all approach to EV charging. It will aim to provide a full range of charging solutions, with great user experience, and efficient performance. All will be designed to meet specific needs whether that’s for charging a car on a residential street or for commercial solutions that can be used for heavy-duty vehicles, such as lorries.

It will build a diversified product portfolio for the retail, workplace, fleets and public charging markets, with solutions varying in size, speed, and user experience. ZEROVA‘s product line includes chargers ranging from 30kW to 480kW, and can also provide different options of energy cabinets according to needs.


Expanding green manufacturing processes
ZEROVA will look to build on its already established green manufacturing processes and expand its carbon-neutral business strategies. This includes investing in the research and development of water cooling technology, two-way charging solutions that can put power back into the grid or storage devices, and more efficient designs.

The company is set to expand its workforce and believes it can do so through its clear strategic goals, investment into R&D and its focus on being at the forefront of the electric vehicle charging industry.

Going forward, it will also work with industry partners to accelerate the expansion of the global green energy market for electric vehicle charging solutions. It looks forward to leading the global green circular supply chain through green energy and carbon reduction combined with sustainable development.


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