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‘World’s fastest’ EV charger prototype unveiled

An electric vehicle charger that claims to be the world’s fastest is to be launched, which with an output of up to 480kw of power, will be able to charge four cars at the same time and will be able to fully charge a vehicle in 10 minutes, and provide 150km of range in less than five minutes.

Created by ZEROVA, a power supply manufacturer, the 4th Generation Four Gun Charger can be used for both passenger and commercial vehicles, and supports the major charging standards CCS-1, CCS-2, CHAdeMO, and GB. It comes with four five-meter-long cables to increase accessibility and could be used for commercial fleets or retail use. It’s small footprint also means the solution can be installed in any location – from fleet charging stations to small urban spaces.

The charging point also includes an advertisement screen, enabling companies to benefit from user engagement and brand promotion. It comes in two options – the standard 360kW model and the expanded 480kW concept design.

The 4th Generation Four Gun Charger product will officially be launched in Q4 2023.

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