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Fast charging stations are worth the investment because the demand for fast charging is surging. People are simply happier with shorter charging time.
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Public Fast Charging in High Demand

Fast charging is being rolled out at a faster pace in public demand than home demand. DC fast charging facilitate longer trips and tackle range anxiety of EV drivers.

Boost Client Loyalty

By installing fast EV charging stations, businesses help alleviate EV-drivers range anxiety. This is the most effective way to entice new clients and foster repeat business.

Competition is Moving in

Public charging faces increasing competition from new entrants in EV fast charging. It’s time to own fast EV charging stations and leave the competition behind.

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DC Fast Chargers

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In ZEROVA, we are obsessed with helping organizations worldwide to accomplish their sustainability objectives. Therefore, we manufacture electric vehicle charging facilities for their staff, occupants, and customers.

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  • What should I do if I encounter a black screen?
    1. Incorrect input power or connection fault, please supply power correctly and reset the power.
    2. Charger auxiliary power, display, or other faults. Please contact your dealer.
  • What if my device is stuck on the boot or service screen?
    1. System is in update or self-check procedure, please wait.
    2. Other faults of charger, please reset the power or restart the charger.
    3. Please contact your dealer.
  • What should I do if card tapping or QR code scanning fails?
    1. Invalid RFID card or insufficient balance.
    2. Contact management staff to check internet connection between charger and Back-End server.
    3. Code scanning or Back-End authorization failed; please contact management staff.
    4. Card reader failure or other faults; please contact your dealer.
  • Why does the indication page return to cable selection after plugging in?
    1. Please make sure the charging cable selection is correct.
    2. Please make sure the charging cable has been plugged in completely with a “clicking” sound, and the gun button cannot be pressed.
    3. Please check the charge port indicator or meter whether the charge function failed.
    4. Please try again with other chargers. If the situation remains the same, the EV perhaps unable to charge, please send the EV for service.
    5. Charger control guide failed. Please turn off and restart the charger.
    6. Charging cable or control guide invalided, please contact your dealer.
  • Why did the indication page transition from charging preparation to settlement directly?
    1. Please unplug the charging cable and try again.
    2. Please check the EV charge port indicator or meter whether the target charging limit has been done or terminated before default charging time. *
    3. Drive the EV away for few meters / feet and return, then try again.
    4. Charger handshaking failed, please reset, or turn off and restart the charger.
    5. Please contact your dealer.
  • What if I’m stuck on the SOC 100% or 0% settlement page without actual charging?
    1. Please check EV charge port indicator or meter, whether fully charged, the target charging limit is done or stopped before default charging time. *
    2. Please unplug the charging cable and try again.
    3. EV messages load failed. Please turn off and restart the charger.
    4. Please contact your dealer.
  • What should I do if charging is complete, but the charger doesn’t release EV?
    1. Please unlock the EV, press the button of HV charging port cover, and try to unplug again. *
    2. Turn the startup switch on and off, then try to unplug again.
    3. Lock the EV doors and release, then try to unplug again.
    4. Turn the EV air conditioner off, then try to unplug again.
    5. Please release by EV manual unlock switch.
    6. If there is no manual unlock, please turn off or reset the charger.
    7. Contact your EV company or dealer.
  • How do I get the station’s security code?

    To find the status code for your charger, refer to the user manual that comes with the packaging or during installation. You can also visit StatusCode to access more information about status codes and error messages. These resources can help identify and resolve any issues that may arise during charging. 

  • Would there be possibility for other systems to interface with the ZEROVA CSMS to extract the information?

    We have a set of language-agnostic Web APIs that follows the RESTful architecture for web services where possible. If EVSEs are managed by ZEROVA CSMS, our partners could control charging or get charging session info easily by accessing our API service and focus on building their own EV charging business.

  • What protocol do the ZEROVA CSMS support to communicate with EVSEs?

    ZEROVA CSMS currently supports OCPP 1.6J and will upgrade to OCPP 2.0.1 in the near future.

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