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Zerova technologies participates in the 2024 E-Mobility Taiwan Expo to help build a low-carbon transportation vision

Aiming at the pain points of charging station operators and users, the DZ480 kW power cabinet, Novae Power minimalist dispenser and MCS SailWind flexible charging solution are flexibly combined to create “flexible power deployment” and “maximize the use of space”.


With more than 10 years of experience in the field of charging station equipment, Zerova Technologies, in anticipation of the cross-market development of EV charging station equipment in recent years, has launched the DZ480 kW power cabinet, Novae Power  Charging dispenser, and the MCS SailWind flexible charging solution, which allows charging stations to utilize the limited space more flexibly, and with the combination of the established product portfolio featuring high power and billboards, it provides a wide range of products to help realize the vision of sustainable transportation.


Zerova Technologies offers multiple solutions to meet cross-domain charging needs, helping to build low-carbon transportation.


In recent years, global markets have been announcing a ban on the sale of fuel vehicles, which has triggered the formation of the supply chain of the electric vehicle industry. A report by the Economist Intelligence Unit estimates that global sales of electric vehicles are expected to grow 21% year-on-year in 2024, and this will lead to the growth of charging stations, and other infrastructural facilities. With more than 10 years of experience in EV charger equipment design, Zerova Technologies has developed EV Charger equipment with high efficiency and flexibility to meet the needs of various fields and provides partners with a one-stop model from design, production, verification to service to help vehicle manufacturers and charging stations to propose charging solutions that meet the market demand and have an advantage.


“Based on the needs of different markets and partners, Zerova provides a wide range of customized EV charging solutions to help achieve the sustainable vision of green transportation. 100,000 chargers have been shipped to 45 markets around the world, and in 2024, Zerova is planning to expand into key markets in Asia, including Japan and Thailand, where it has already installed 7,500 AC chargers in Japan, and Thailand has already obtained orders from gas station operators to set up hundreds of charging stations. In Taiwan, we have allied with a third-party partner to meet the technical needs of EV manufacturers and help optimize charging performance. This year, we hope to introduce new products to help our partners deploy charging stations and utilize the limited charging station space more flexibly.” Alex Lin, the chairman at ZEROVA Technologies.


Facing more diversified global markets and charging scenarios, this year, in addition to the DA480 advertised charger, DT240 standalone charger, and DQ480 high-power DC fast charger that is compatible with CCS1, CCS2, NACS, GBT, and CHAdeMO charging standards, Zerova will also introduce DZ480 kW power cabinets, Novae Power charging dispenser, and MCS SailWind flexible charging solutions for the Asian market, which has a high urbanization and dense residential areas and insufficient demand for slow charging of electric vehicles. To address the highly urbanized and densely populated residential areas in Asia and the lack of slow charging demand for EVs, the company has introduced the DZ480 kW power cabinet, the Novae Power charging dispenser, and the MCS SailWind flexible charging solution, which provides more chargers for the same area, reduces the cost of digging up the ground cables, and offers a flexible solution for slow or fast charging with the same charging site.


With the trend of extremely simplified and flexible charging equipment, DZ480 kW power cabinet, Novae Power charging dispenser and MCS SailWind flexible charging solution are launched.


In anticipation of the trend of reduced charging space and simplified charging equipment, Zerova’s new 2024 product, based on the concepts of “flexible power deployment” and “maximizing the use of space,” introduces intelligent charging equipment and systems such as the DZ480 kW power cabinet for multi-vehicle use, Novae Power charging dispenser, and MCS SailWind flexible charging solution, which can be combined and matched with each other. Through the flexible combination of charging solutions, the charging time and power can be flexibly configured according to user behavior, leading to the innovative development of EV charging technology.


The DZ480 kW power cabinet utilizes power modules to provide higher power, which can be paralleled to 960 kW, and provides up to six sub-cabinet charging outputs at the same time with dynamic power distribution technology to maximize charging efficiency. In addition, with Novae Power’s 4 to 12 small dispensers, installation and transportation costs can be reduced to meet the tight charging requirements of large-scale venues such as commercial fleets. Novae Power through DC power cabinets and economical multi-charging devices allows flexible configuration of charging time by user behavior, providing fast and slow charging for different usage scenarios.


DZ480kW Power Cabinet


In addition, to meet the growing demand for large-scale electrification of urban public transportation systems and corporate commercial electric heavy-duty vehicle fleets, DZ480 power cabinet can be used with the MCS SailWind flexible charging solution to support for up to 3.84 megawatts, 3,000 amps and 1,250 volts — making it the world’s highest-powered commercial single-stream fast-charging connector, With the growing electrification of truck and fleet commercial vehicles, ZEROVA is leveraging its state-of-the-art, customizable MCS charging solutions to harness demand for total commercial fleet solutions while delivering the scalability, efficiency and user-friendly designs these fleets need. It offers an integrated platform that combines cutting-edge hardware and software, with onboard applications such as a system for scheduling charging times for added ease of use.


Megawatt Charging Dispenser – SailWind


Zerova Technologies receives 2024 Golden ESG Achievement Gold Logo


Zerova Technologies has taken practical actions to implement the concept of sustainability and established the Green Energy Research Institute in 2022. With green energy sustainability as the main axis, Zerova has obtained achievements through technological research and development in the design of power modules, energy storage and charging technology, bi-directional controller design, and liquid cooling system. The liquid cooling system which improves cooling efficiency, extends the life of the charging system, and reduces noise, was awarded the 2024 Golden ESG Achievement by the Taiwan E-Mobility Expo. This year, the company also utilized 70% recyclable structures, LED screens, and flooring to build booths, replacing traditional disposable printed display materials with LED screens to reduce carbon emissions and the use of natural resources during the show.


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